Effective Reps: Are All Reps Created Equal For Muscle Hypertrophy?

Are all repetitions (reps) created equal for muscle hypertrophy? Or are some reps more effective than others at building muscle? I’ve been thinking about this concept of “effective reps” for some time, and I’m delighted to announce that Alan Aragon just published my first paper on the topic. Here’s the announcement: The paper is titled: […]

Building Muscle With Dr. Muscle’s AI: The Science Behind The App (And The Secret To Building Muscle)

Read this overview of the science behind Dr. Muscle to find out how Dr. Muscle’s AI helps you build muscle faster by applying the secret to building muscle automatically. Summary The secret to building muscle is progression. You can progress by getting stronger (tension) and/or by doing more total work (volume). Getting stronger (more tension) […]