Warm-up sets in Dr. Muscle

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Update 889: Dr. Muscle now tells you how to warm up to boost your power and strength performance

We’ve just released warm-up sets! In a systematic review, McCrary et al. (2015) found “strong research-based evidence” that “warm-ups enhance power and strength performance.” In a meta-analysis, Fradkin et al. (2010) found that “Warm-up was shown to improve performance in 79% of the criterions examined.”

So, you should warm up before each set with light weights. And now, Dr. Muscle tells you exactly how.

This was our #1 top voted customer request. The update is already available on Android and under review by Apple (should be out in 2-3 days).

Warm-up sets in Dr. Muscle

Warm-up sets in Dr. Muscle

Up next are rest-pause sets. Also, a bit of bad news: last month, I announced that we would be releasing new features 4x faster in May. That was the plan.

Sadly, our developer who was going to start working full time with us has a major health issue. The kind I hope you never face. He will be leaving in a few weeks, and I’m looking at other options. If you’re a mobile app developer and you love to lift (or if you know one), please get in touch.

For now, until I find a good candidate, I’m learning to code and I plan to write the app myself. I’ve already started, and I’m making good progress. I’ve even added a few lines of code to this release.

Bottom line, what this means for you is that we won’t be releasing new features 4x faster in May. Instead, you can continue to expect about one major feature release a month. Rest-pause sets are still next, and coming soon.

Thanks for your patience and support as we build this app. I really appreciate the support from forward-thinking lifters like yourself.

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